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Monet is a reference partner in the development of integrated embedded electronics. We offer support to automobile  engineers (customers and their suppliers) with a professional platform of software tools and hardware components as well as in the development of integrated systems.
Our hardware and software solutions accelerate the development and testing of management and control systems on board and in laboratories.

Reliability, efficiency and productivity are more important than ever before.

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Our reconfigurable hardware make easier and rapid the build of a proprietary application without requiring expertise in low-level hardware or board–level design. Every component is based on rugged hardware architecture including I/O modules and embedded controller.

An intelligent electronic control units (ECU) series housed in rugged enclosures that meet various automotive production standards. It’s an excellent solution for applications that required high networking capability with CAN BUS, LIN BUS and serial high speed lines, various I/O configurable lines both Signals than Power, harsh environment IP67 protection.

Real cost sensitive for volume manufacture.

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Our platforms are programmable using a variety of programming approaches including automatic code generators using the “model-based” design and the rapid generation of C code efficiently and reliably.

The generated code, can be included in the compiler project and allows you to quickly transfer the application to the micro through our rtde® using a serial port available on the connector.


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