«Big data» – Opportunity on public buses

Today also buses, like cars, are equipped with onboard computers and a lot of sensors. These sensors monitor every systems on the bus. Some of these data are visualized to the driver in a very simple color scheme: red for on board problem and green for all ok. Bus drivers are happy with these simple visualizations and they can take all under control.

But the real goal is that all the information collected in the bus will transferred back to the data-centre and analyzed in real-time. In the control centre, the data are used to help the staff understand what is going on and take action if that is required. For example, a decrease of oil level can result in unexpected bus stop and leave the passengers without service for a long time. But a real time monitoring of data can be prevent the failure and thereby drastically improving customer service levels.

In MONET we calling it the “Simple Clever Maintenance".

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Highlights: increase the operating time of your fleet and reduce the total costs. Fleet’s usage data is analysed and optimized. Collect important data on the consumption of vehicle fleet, regardless of manufacturer and motor type. Use this assistance system for safe and energy-efficient driving.
Real-time error notifications and historical reports help you avoid downtime. Your depot management team can remotely decide to take your vehicles out of service or schedule them for maintenance.

• Analysis of vehicles, routes (sections) and operations in terms of energy consumption
• Automatic report generation
• Reduction in energy consumption
• Safe driving and Energy-efficient driving
• Data-based training measures to improve driving style
• Web-based application