What used to be achieved with a simple box full of mechanical relays and fuses is no longer possible. The functional and safety requirements of a power distribution centre are growing proportionally with the functionalities of the modern architectural vehicle complexity. Our Smart Switches Control Units, called Body, have been developed to respond to the changing needs and new challenges of the power distribution and It have been given an outstanding cost/performance ratio.

Every outputs have fitted with high accuracy current feedback that enables real time readout of the current consumption per channel. In this way is possible make a reliable replacement of relays and fuses. Body family can be expose up to 16 input channels and 24 power output channels (7 amps per channel). Power outputs can be make a parallel connection increasing the current rated capability. The Body power control units are equipped with two CAN BUS ports for vehicle data interface. All units are automotive grade certified and they suitable for both 12V then 24V electric net vehicle architecture.

Each channel can be drive by discrete INPUT, CAN BUS message or by LAN Remote Link. Last option is real interesting because in this way is possible keep under control the on-board loads and powered them by remote web-based dashboard.

Housing is made in aluminium die cast with elevate protection grade IP6k9k rated and dispose of automotive connectors to deliver the robustness needed. This is a guarantee for long lasting connections without risk of corrosion or glitches – at the same time offering quick connection and simplified installation.


  • 32 bit 80 MHz microcontroller and floating-point unit
  • Open software configuration
  • Connectivity: up to 2 CAN BUS lines and LIN interfaces for vehicle interaction and LAN Ethernet for remote cloud
  • Supports also commercially available calibration tools through CCP and XCP
  • Onboard conditioning circuitry for electric interface of automotive I/O sensors and actuators

  • 12/24 VDC battery operation
  • Protection: reverse polarity, short to ground and Vcc, load dump overvoltage, over temperature
  • IP6k9k protection grade
  • up to 24 outputs channels (High Side Switching)
    - Electronic over-current protection and undercurrent detection
    - Programmable fuse size
    - Parallel operation (increase capability)
    - Manual Set / Reset of each channels directly from INPUT Module in real time
    - Real time current feedback
  • up to 16 input channels
    - Multiplexed inputs – up to 4 switches per channel
    - Analogue/digital inputs (sw. configurable)
    - Voltage 0–16V / 0–32V
    - 2 counter inputs (0–10 kHz)
Vin 8-32 Vdc
I leak (key off) < 100uA
Power consumption < 3 W
OUTPUT (full protected)
HIGH SIDE 24 ch - Vbatt / 7A
INPUT (SW configurable)
ANALOG/DIGITAL 16 ch – 0/Vbatt
WAKE-UP 1 ch close to GND
CAN BUS 2 ch - HS 2.0B
ISO 11898-1
Ambient Temperature -40 to 85 °C
Enclosures IP IP6k9k
Dimension [mm] 220x170x40
Weight [kg] 0,800
Certification ISO16750 CISPR25