Monet born in 2001, like provider of quality services in electronic design, software development, prototyping and homologation of complex products according to customer specifications and in 2015 the company joins to Tecnosystem Spa industrial group with over 200 people in the world.


A leading company at service of “electronic IDEA”

Our exceptionally innovative spirit is the basis for the continued success of the company. We offer complete turnkey solutions right from concept design up to completely certification and homologation process.

Monet’s engineers have created a lot of embedded product designs for a wide range of industries such as railways, military, aerospace, automotive, white goods, industrial control and networking systems. We have the experience to select the appropriate system architecture to optimize performance, power, size and cost; deciding which functions to perform in software, which functions to perform in hardware and how the two sides should communicate with each other.


We believe in “things simple” for the complex business challenges of the future.

The exploitation of the earth's resources from the one side and the growing demand for the mobility of the other are changing the market requirements. Thus the business models must be responding correctly for an sustainable economic grow. Based on these considerations, the Monet engineers are developing an own "mobility for tomorrow" strategy concept (think green project), with which the company is focusing his technological areas across divisions: efficiently power conversion for electric urban and interurban mobility and interconnected solutions (IoT).

Monet is playing an active part in these areas with research and development activities and, as a expert in the fields of innovation and technology, offers its customers and business partners an attractive product range for the transportation applications of future mobility.

As a development partner with a comprehensive understanding of systems, Monet already offers innovative products for hybrid and electric vehicles. At the same time, it is also working to increase the experience in the wireless solutions to gather the IoT opportunities (service and products). Actual the range of products and services includes components and systems for automotive solutions, railway and aviation applications.


  • Starting from a draft or idea, define product features within specific constraints
  • Project management (Analyze your project's cost and available resources)
  • Provide a detailed description of all technological aspects of your product
  • Hardware architecture and components selection
  • Software architecture
  • Mechanical and user interface
  • Coordinate with other engineers on the project
  • Draw electronic schematics
  • Design programmable circuits, like FPGA
  • Simulate analog and digital circuits
  • Placement, Route and fabricate PCBs
  • High speed signals analysis and simulation
  • Design and code the Software/Firmware
  • Design the enclosure and mechanical parts with 3D modeling
  • Perform design test
  • Validate EMC compliance
  • Certify your product: UL, CSA, CE Mark
  • Produce production support documentation