Engineering service

Monet team brings together substantive expertise in all main disciplines required to deliver production of electronic systems in transportation applications (commercial and industrial automotive and military grade ECU).
Our team is able to understand of the system development activity and of the its interfaces (typically software and hardware development, system engineering, sourcing and manufacturing) and drive the Customer to reach the market goals.
Our engineers having worked on a mixed range of activities for significant numbers of Customers in both production and prototyping capacities and so this is the evidence that make a difference.
Since our first work on production electronic systems, we have focus on engineering quality tailoring process requirements to individual projects to reach right and efficiency cost and timing.


Software development and architecture design for production is a distinctive result and different from regular software development. We know the difference between rapid prototype development and production software development. For our customers, in production, we spend time to develop a modular architecture that will grow with the inevitable expansion and refinement of the final software.
We follow customer process requirements agree with accreditations: Automotive SPICE level 3, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 26262.
All software change and we know this very well. Our architectures and software development keep in mind to minimize the time spent doing non-value added code development is what we do best.


Although MONET is best known for the Open-ECU product line, a large and growing portion of our business is to provide fully custom electronics hardware designs for Customers in different markets like automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace, off-highway, power generation and other niche markets.

In particular we designed products either in production or will going in production, for example:

  • Automotive vehicle controller
  • Heavy truck electro-steering controller
  • Driver module for HV IGBT in traction converter
  • BODY control unit for relays and fuses replacement
  • GAS Turbine electronic controller
  • Chassis controller
  • GearBOX controller
  • Brushless direct current motor controller
  • Clima dual zone module with electrical heater integrated
  • Other niche applications.

Integration and test

Managing test field data as well as calibration data in planning, preparation and execution of test jobs and further processing of results is becoming more and more important within the automotive industry, foremost to be able to increase efficiency all over the development process.
With decades of experience, MONET Team provides a wide range of solutions for developing and testing complex electronic systems, from testbeds to test systems for all components for full vehicle development and testing.
The increasing complexity of modern electronic systems demands the instrumentation and real time test systems used during development and testing. At the same time, more Customers wish to perform development activities at the earliest possible stage.
To ensure this, when testing individual components, full systems or even entire vehicles, our test systems must precisely emulate reality.
The challenge for developers today is to put all components together into one overall harmonious system. From testing of a single component to testing a full system or an entire vehicle.
Consistency between all the different systems must be guaranteed to keep data acquisition and management as simple and efficient as possible over all test runs.