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Monet Technologies

Monet was founded in 2001, to design hardware and software platforms for embedded electronic systems.

Our Products

Electronic Control Unit

An electronic control unit combines a variety of functions for a wide range of applications.
They combine several functions and control practically all the vehicle's electronics, drive, comfort and security functions. In addition, they can are used as intermediaries and managers in complex electrical and electronic vehicle architectures (gateways).

Power Conversion

In the EV and HEV the power converters control the electrical current between the battery and the motor and vice-versa.
The internal components of a power converter are principally the semiconductors. Consequently, they must be designed to manage a battery voltage up to higher levels (especially on the charge phase).

Software Platform

Whatever type of processor is used in the embedded system, a very general-purpose type or highly specialized processor intended for a particular application, need a software platform to guarantee the reliability and safety of the application running on.

Our Services

Monet Tech - Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software development and architecture design for production is a distinctive result and different from regular softw are development.
Monet Tech - Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering

Although MONET is best known for the Open-ECU product line, a large and growing portion of our business is to provide fully custom electronics hardware designs for Customers in different markets.
Monet Tech - Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

Monet team brings together substantive expertise in all main disciplines required to deliver production of electronic systems in transportation applications (commercial and industrial automotive and military grade ECU).

Integration and Test

Managing test field data as well as calibration data in planning, preparation and execution of test jobs and further processing of results is becoming more and more important within the automotive industry, foremost to be able to increase efficiency all over the development process. Model based design

Our Expertise

Model-based Design

Model-Based Design is a new way for technicians to work by sharing design from the lab to the software implementation.

Middleware Software Layer

We create and develop an high-performance family of middleware for implementation of several embedded applications. Our software is very easy to use and tool chains are available.

Electronic Systems

Compact and reliable platforms that include advanced integrated peripheral modules, memory chip for data-storage, High performance processor and standard I/O and communication lines.

Monet Tech

Monet born in 2001, like provider of quality services in electronic design, software development, prototyping and homologation of complex products according to customer specifications and in 2015 the company joins to Tecnosystem Spa industrial group with over 200 people in the world.

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