Standard EV and HEV architectures typically use two independent batteries at different voltages: HV battery for all power loads likes electrical traction motor and generator, and LV battery (12V or 24V) for typical/traditional automotive loads during normal operation like air-conditioning systems, lamps, infotainment and so on.

The DC/DC converter delivers power to the LV vehicle net by taking power from HV battery (by galvanic isolation circuit): in other words an electronic alternator without transmission-belt.

Our solution has designed for a wide range HV battery voltage, up to 1000 V, and its packaging and thermal design that makes it suitable for harsh shock and vibration requirements. The enclosure allows ease mounting on chassis.

The DCDC’s features include a disconnect switch based on a back-to-back MOSFET configuration for the low side 12V battery, reverse voltage and short circuit protection.

The operational temperature range is -40˚C to 125˚C.

The DCDC uses a CANBUS communication for complete control of the converter. It is possible to monitor many electric and thermal parameters in addition to the current status during operation and warnings and errors to manage safety state.

Our DCDC converter provides a complete solution for in-vehicle power distribution in 24V/12V battery configurations and it is developed according to the ISO26262 as a SEooC (Safety Element Out Of Context)*, making this an outstanding choice for OEM vehicle electrical systems.

* In this manner that assumptions were made about safety objectives of the overall system.


  • Cost-attractive automotive design
  • Robust, reliability and high efficiency solution
  • Easy vehicle integration and power scalability
  • Connectivity: CAN(FD), FLEXRAY for vehicle interface
  • Supports also commercially available calibration tools through CCP
  • Dust-proof/water-proof grade (IP6K9K), and compact/lightweight design

Key Features:

  • Two wide input range 220/600 VDC to 640/1000 VDC (two different models)
  • Two option for output voltage (12/24 VDC)

  • 3.5 kW (parallel connection able)

  • High Efficiency > 92% from 50% to 100% load

  • Parallel connection of multiple units for increased power or redundancy

  • Environmental: -40 ̊C to +125 ̊C (liquid cooled) operation, IP67

Smart Communications

The unit can be enable, disabled and monitored using CAN communication messages. If required, the functionality provided includes:

  • Output enable / disable function

  • Output voltage setting

  • Output current setting and limiting

  • Monitoring of status and operational values
Vin 8-32 Vdc
I leak (key off) < 100uA
Power consumption < 3 W
OUTPUT (full protected)
HIGH SIDE 24 ch - Vbatt / 7A
INPUT (SW configurable)
ANALOG/DIGITAL 16 ch – 0/Vbatt
WAKE-UP 1 ch close to GND
CAN BUS 2 ch - HS 2.0B
ISO 11898-1
Ambient Temperature -40 to 85 °C
Enclosures IP IP6k9k
Dimension [mm] 220x170x40
Weight [kg] 0,800
Certification ISO16750 CISPR25

There are 4 different version of DC converters. Output power is the same for all but change the electrical input/output range of voltages and currents.