The power under control in hybrid supercar

The electric motor into modern low emission cars are essential for hybrid applications. But if need to improve the performance, especially in super cars, it is necessary to have an electronic out of standards. The Power Inverter converts the energy from the battery (DC current) into the AC current, up to 800 Arms, required to control any electric motor. With its electronic control and monitoring of the electric motor, it ensures a safe and demand-based electrical supply for the electric drive.

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Highlights: Our AC/DC Converter, homologated and ready for an OEM application. it is especially developed for electrification of the low-volume mid-sized segment of the car market. Embedded torque control delivers a high level of quality of shat power train control compliant with a high-quality level of electric mobility. It is the right compromise thanks to its favourable cost. Our innovative drive system boasts a high power-to-weight ratio thanks to an output of up to 150 kW with a reduced volume of just 10 litre.

• Reducing size and weight
• High efficiency
• Low noise
• High reliability for withstanding the severe condition at vehicle mounting
• Full CAN BUS controlled