«Unique» control for aspark owl

We are proud to be technical partner of Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) in the development of #AsparkOwl, the hypercar that works with our BODY750 - general purpose control unit. “Power is nothing without control” is not a life motive but the reality when the power is very high. By the BODY570 the Dream Car can be drive with performance and safety levels of the best in class competitors, thanks also to in house SW-functions directly development by the Customer.

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Body570 electronic control units is a first but not last example that allows them to accelerate the development process respecting aggressive timing requirements. In particular, the Body570 is a fast prototyping unit that combines the robustness and reliability of a production ECU with a user-friendly rapid prototyping development platform.
The Simulink-API allows users to rapidly develop Model-Based Control applications in Simulink using the features provided by LIBRA® or LIBRA-SAFE software platforms. LIBRA-SAFE (Functional Safety) is an SW platform allowing to development of control applications for system that meets safety goals up to ISO 26262 ASIL D. But the body570 doesn't stop at development, it is designed to be customized after development, so we can meet customers’ specific application needs without compromise. Our final use product is designed to meet functionality, quality, and cost drivers.